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The Smile of Justice

Today, I decided to embark on a new sort of social experiment, if we can call it that.

The idea behind this actually came about through a number of different points of inspirations. So before I share what I did with you, I’m first going to tell you about these.

After the last R10 experiment, where we looked at how much love R10 was able to buy, I noticed something. And, I’m sure you did too. This was that most of people who partook in the experiment chose to spread the happiness of a R10 note, by offering something to those less fortunate; well more specifically, to the men and women who stand all day at the robots of Johannesburg South Africa, just waiting for a bit of kindness to fill their stomachs with. It just showed me that while we may see these people everyday, become rather apathetic to them and brush them off, when given the opportunity, or rather a wake up call, we remember to see them for who they are and where they come from. That was inspiration number one.

The second inspiration came from the 2008 Cannes short film winner, which shows how a simple stroke of a pen, managed to change the luck of a blind man, who went from being ‘blind, please help’ to being a man who was not able to see the beauty of the day.

This is where we leave off for this next experiment.

I wondered if those ‘begging’ at the side of the road,had to market themselves, in a way, would this help them receive more compassion from us.

So, always loving the following picture, I attempted to create a poster for one person and see whether or not a change in ‘begging’ style could achieve greater success.

This lead to my meeting Justice, a man who has stood at the same robot now for two years. On his luckiest day to date, Justice has made R50, but he told me that most days he leaves with nothing or with a few Rands to get by on. So I gave him my poster, and asked him to offer a smile to anyone who gave him some money.

I came back three hours later and, with only two smiles ‘left’, Justice had made over R50.

It just goes to show us, how we work.

Let us create more opportunities to see the person standing next to our sealed car windows.


One comment on “The Smile of Justice

  1. Sam Margolis
    October 3, 2012

    Loved this article. Too true!!

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