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Just as an opportunity to let us glimpse into what we find most captivating or rather most LIKEable, I thought I would share what I found from TechCreak with you and answer the question of what are the most LIKEd pages on Facebook?

So here it is, Counting down the Top 10:

10. Coming in at number 10 is Coca-Cola with 50,122,870 LIKES.

9. Of course we can’t deny that the world is made up of many crazy little monsters, which gives Lady Gaga 53,236,793 LIKES.

8. 54,575,582 LIKES, that how crazy we are about our Springfield clan, The Simpsons.

7. While Shakira takes home 54,329,958 LIKES….

6. Rihanna wins with 60,175,441 LIKES.

5. Eminem takes home the most LIKES for any celebrity fan page with  60,930,043.

4. Then there’s YouTube with 62,518,672 LIKES.

3. Right up there in 3rd place is Texas HoldEm Poker, who claim 64,942,643 LIKES.

2. And while we on Facebook, why just grant it 71,964,169 LIKES.

1. However the most LIKEable Facebook page is Facebook for Every Phone taking 132,137,828 LIKES.

So it’s no social experiment, but it’s some sort of glimpse into our social psyche don’t you think?



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This entry was posted on September 5, 2012 by in Social Media.

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