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Story #7: 1 vs. 10

I got my R10 note about a month ago and wanted to find a creative way to use it. The truth is though that in South Africa it doesn’t take one long to find someone in need of help and at my first robot the next morning I just couldn’t resist spending it on a Homeless Talk. I felt a little sad afterwards at the un-eventfulness of my spending- I cant even tell you the name of the man it went to, where he lives or even what corner he stands on. And so I felt that this couldn’t be the end of my R10’s journey. To live in South Africa is a privilege. Yes there is massive poverty but that also means that for me at every corner there is an opportunity to give. Maimonides writes that if one is faced with a choice between giving R1 to 100 people or R100 to 1 person what should he do. The answer he gives is that although R100 will go further for that one special person it wont do very much to you the giver. He says that you should give R1 to 100 people as then you will become a giver! So this is what I am attempting to do. I have made a resolution to become a giver. Every time I have R10 in my wallet which I do not specifically need I have been trading it in for R1 coins and give them to 10 people. R1 may not be enough to make someone’s day but it certainly will transform me into a giving person who will hopefully be able to make many peoples days in the future.

Thanks to The NewYork Times for the picture!


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This entry was posted on August 21, 2012 by in Love vs. Money, R10.

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