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Story #6: How much love can R10 buy? Well, 10 bags full!

In a backdrop of cold winter days, rumbling tummies, and pleading faces, Megan, tells a ‘Rags to Riches’ story of  of how some empty stomaches were enriched with a whole lot of love:

The task: simple, “make someone happy”; the tool: tricky, one R10 note; the end goal:

spread the love.

These three points kept circling my brain as I wondered for days how exactly I was
going to fulfil my mission. Make someone happy, R10, spread the love….make
someone happy, R10, spread the love…and alas, no light bulbs. So, I assessed my
surroundings and a few things came to mind: winter, the hungry, the homeless
and the sick. Convinced that R10 would be the most useful, go the furthest
and be the most satisfying in the ‘hungry department’, I was relieved that my
mission had been refined. Make someone, or more than someone, happy by filling
their ‘tummies’…R10…spread the love.

After doing some research and with my R10 in tow, I bought a 1kg bag of Samp (a
form of dried maize which, like rice, is filling) for R8 as well as chicken soup mix for
R2, some flavour never hurt anyone did it? My big moment however, arrived when
that R10 was packed away into the Pick n’ Pay till. Who knows, I thought to myself,
where and in whose hands that note will land up? The opportunities are endless, and
so is the number of people that could be affected.

The goods were cooked and ready to be directed to hungry mouths. I decided to give
the food to a handful of men who sit everyday on the side of the road, waiting for
jobs. And that was it, my ten bags found their way to ten empty stomachs within a
matter of minutes. Their gratitude and happiness was clear.

Confident that I have spread some love and happiness, however temporary it was, I
am glad to report back that my mission is completed.”


Thanks to Be Happy for the featured picture.


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This entry was posted on August 15, 2012 by in Love vs. Money, R10.

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