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Story #4: The warmest snow day

It was a snow day, a real snow day, in a place where the  sun usefully chases away the white layer of magic . While everyones inner child came out to play and Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, were being hounded with pictures and statuses of marveled people frolicking in the snow, many of those who were left bitterly cold,by the phenomenon were far out of our minds.

It was on this day that story number four came to be, with a lovely couple who decided to join forces with their two “use me to make someone happy” R10 notes.

Buying a warm, soft blanket, these two R10 notes helped someone snuggle up on the coldest day of the year. As they said “In this horrible weather it was very much needed. He [the man begging for kindness on the side of the road] had a large smile on his face”

Thanks to Christmas Coloring Pages for the feature pic!


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This entry was posted on August 10, 2012 by in Love vs. Money, R10.

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