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Tweeny Tiny 11

Forget Five For Fighting’s ode to a 15 year old, and think 11. An age that the Melbourne film maker,  Genevieve Bailey, explains as a crucial one, placed between the sweet dreams of childhood, and the excitement of one’s future adult.

Exploring the life and times of our eleven year olds around the world, Bailey has captured what she calls ” a life-affirming global portrait of humanity at a crucial age” in her film I AM ELEVEN.

The NOT still quite naive, but NOT yet cynically swayed opinions on self and society, straight from the eleven year olds’ mouths, is what is on offer here. Maybe it will be a reminder of our younger years, and eye opener into the differences and similarities of the world’s eleven year olds, and/or some insight into life as it is.

Looking forward to when this comes out! Has anyone seen it yet?

If not, heres a trailer:

If you want to check out more go on to the site

On a final note, remember 1+1 can = 11  

Thanks to the I Am Eleven Facebook page for the Pictures in the post.


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This entry was posted on August 7, 2012 by in 11, We were all once children.

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