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Story #1: How R10 made Sarah happy

So the long awaited stories of how R10 can spread happiness are making their debut with this story by my friend Taryn:

“It took me over a week to find the recipient of my “use me to make someone happy” R10. This is not because there was a lack of people on whom to bestow happiness, rather because I wanted to find that ONE person whose day could use some brightening.

On Tuesday I finally found my happiness target, but not without a process. Driving along Catherine Street in Sandton, Myself and fellow Marie Claire fashion intern, Sarah noticed a clearly disabled little lady sitting on a brick of concrete next to a robot. Stage one was giving her some small change. Stage two was wondering if we just missed the opportunity of handing out the esteemed R10. Stage three, returning down Catherine and bypassing the bright smiled beggar. Stage four; the realization that she is the ONE. We hurriedly turned around, stopped at the petrol station across from her perch and went to spread some happiness. Her name was Sarah, she makes the trip from JHB town to Sandton everyday, a true feat with her visible disability, and she has the brightest smile I have seen. We told Sarah to contribute your R10 to making herself happy.

As with every experiment there was a lesson to be learned; although I am sure our R10 positively impacted Sarah’s day, the real transformation of this project was in the giver, in me. Once I knew I had a responsibility to spread kindness in the world I was suddenly so sensitive to how much it was needed. Although giving R10 to every beggar I see is not a possibility, a change of attitude; a desire to be kinder, smile more often at others, greet more, hug more and giving more certainly is. Thank you for an enlightening experiment, I am so happy those R10 are floating around, making people make others happier.” (Written by the happiness maker herself, Taryn)


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This entry was posted on July 29, 2012 by in Love vs. Money, R10.

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