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What there is to see when no one’s looking

This video was my inspiration for this blog. How amazing and interesting people are, not when they changing the world or winning Nobel prizes, but in their day to day shenanigans. When they … Continue reading

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Change starts with people, it starts with me!

Thanks Marc, and Startup Quotes, I couldn’t agree more.

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I hope I DO THAT!

I absolutely love Human of New York (HONY). I think captures what Do I Do That? is after… People, in their purest and simplest sense, being themselves and being superior … Continue reading

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The Smile of Justice

Today, I decided to embark on a new sort of social experiment, if we can call it that. The idea behind this actually came about through a number of different points … Continue reading

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Celebrating our Heritage

To the oumas and the umkulus, to the tannies and my gents, to umlungus, sista’s and daddies, Happy Heritage Day South Africa! Lets flaunt our quirks, celebrate our differences, and … Continue reading

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Story #9: The final story of the 10th R10 note to happiness

  The final story of the R10 happiness experiment leads us to the story of a hurried lady, who after dropping into the shops realized that she didn’t have enough money to … Continue reading

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Story #8: A Serendipitous Encounter

Here is a story by my friend Chana, who after thinking of different ways in which to spread happiness with her R10, happened to stumble on the perfect occasion to do so: … Continue reading

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“Stay hungry, stay foolish”

With the Twittersphere and blogosphere buzzing with the hype of retina display and iOS 6 to usher in the arrival of the new iPhone 5, i (lower caps intended ;D) have chosen to … Continue reading

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Like Minded

Just as an opportunity to let us glimpse into what we find most captivating or rather most LIKEable, I thought I would share what I found from TechCreak with you and answer the … Continue reading

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Some pearls anyone?

WISDOM, the project by Andrew Zuckerman, offers the greatest gift one generation can give to another or as the Oxford Dictionary puts it “the quality of having experience, knowledge, and … Continue reading

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From a night filled with scrabble, 30 seconds of madness and delicious coffee: going back to basics

I just wanted to share this photo, taken at the Jacobs Kronung pop-up coffee shop; a coffee shops where Angry Birds are banned but scrabble is welcome,  where friends talk and don’t … Continue reading

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To the man on the moon

From small steps to giant leaps…  This is a tribute to the man on the moon, who leaving his mark on this world and has gone on to explore a … Continue reading

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It’s funny cause it’s true

For all you Pinterest lovers, I’m sure know what I’m talking about… pages and newsfeeds flooding with e-cards, we just seem to love them. While undoubtably some are rather absurd, there … Continue reading

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Story #7: 1 vs. 10

I got my R10 note about a month ago and wanted to find a creative way to use it. The truth is though that in South Africa it doesn’t take … Continue reading

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Blast from the Past

This timeless piece, dating back to the days of a rainbow couloured Apple, has still never been more true. So remember to think different today!   Thanks to Information Technology for the feature picture and to … Continue reading

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Story #6: How much love can R10 buy? Well, 10 bags full!

In a backdrop of cold winter days, rumbling tummies, and pleading faces, Megan, tells a ‘Rags to Riches’ story of  of how some empty stomaches were enriched with a whole lot of love: “The … Continue reading

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Really, could it get any better!

The Generous Store, a creation by the chocolatier Anthon Berg… wait for it… opened its doors to a world where chocolate could be bought by kindness. Instead of cashiers, there … Continue reading

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Story #5: Woman to Woman

This story, written by my friend Calli, explains how R10 brought happiness to one woman, on Women’s Day. “It was the day after South Africa celebrated its rare sighting of … Continue reading

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Story #4: The warmest snow day

It was a snow day, a real snow day, in a place where the  sun usefully chases away the white layer of magic . While everyones inner child came out to play … Continue reading

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Tweeny Tiny 11

Forget Five For Fighting’s ode to a 15 year old, and think 11. An age that the Melbourne film maker,  Genevieve Bailey, explains as a crucial one, placed between the sweet dreams of childhood, and … Continue reading

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In the spirit of the Olympics

Isn’t it funny… They the ones who “seem strange and awkward” to us, when really diving head first into the ground doesn’t actually land up making all that much sense. … Continue reading

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Story #3: That’s one lucky penny!

You know the feeling right? When you find a coin on the floor and think hmmm my lucky day or will this bring me luck. Well I’ve got a friend … Continue reading

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Story #2: The Tale of a Delicious Sundae

Well, we have our second story of how far R10 can go to brighten and lighten up someone’s day. This story of how my friends, Shevi and Saul, chose to … Continue reading

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Just for a bit of laughs

  Well, today I simply want to offer you an opportunity to laugh. So here are some ads that I personally find hysterical, and I think it’s because they just have some … Continue reading

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“Not all those who wonder are lost” (J.J.R. Tolkien)

I stumbled upon this amazing video clip and I just had to share. It tells the story of a man, Gunther Holtorf, who has, for 23 years, been on a road … Continue reading

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Story #1: How R10 made Sarah happy

So the long awaited stories of how R10 can spread happiness are making their debut with this story by my friend Taryn: “It took me over a week to find the recipient … Continue reading

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What you see is what you get…

“I can never catch myself at anytime without a perception, and never can observe an thing but the perception” a quote by Hume who claims that we are “a bundle … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Madiba

So this is just a reminder that today is Mandela day, an international ‘do good day’. The idea is to go out and for 67 minutes do good. If you think … Continue reading

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Wishing for a better world

With all the texting and tweeting, I often find people muttering, “how antisocial this all is”, how with all our new tools to communicate and connect, we cut ourselves off … Continue reading

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Just a reminder in the mean time

Thanks to Observando for the wise words.

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How much love can R10 buy?

This week I am embarking on a social experiment of sorts. I’m setting ten R10 notes free into the world with a message on each saying “Use me to make … Continue reading

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